Shades of blue art glass

Art glass in shades of blue

We sell Blue art glass, vintage and collectable bowls, art glass vases and sculptures in many shades of Blue

Here are just a few shades of Blue

Baby blue, Light blue, Periwinkle, Powder blue, Ice blue, Morning blue, International Klein Blue, Uranian blue, Medium blue, Argentinian blue, Ruddy blue, Savoy blue, Celtic blue, Spanish blue, Liberty, Egyptian blue, Ultramarine, Neon blue, Bleu de France, Delft blue, Duck blue, Dark blue, Picotee blue, Resolution blue, Polynesian blue, Navy blue, Midnight blue, Sapphire, Independence, Space cadet, Fluorescent blue, Yale Blue, Penn blue, Berkeley blue, Teal, Teal blue,

Identifying glass is half the skill but the exact colour when there are so many shades that’s another matter. If you recognise a particular shade please let us know.

Use our colour picker for shades of other colours

“Hello, there, blue people! Won’t you join us? Hook up, and otherwise co-mingle? What do you say?”

This a quote from a world famous film by pop music artist “_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

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