Shades of Pink art glass

We sell Pink art glass, vintage and collectable bowls, art glass vases and sculptures in many shades of pink

Here are just a few of the many shades of pink

Pink, Light pink,Hot pink, Deep pink, Champagne pink, Pink lace, Piggy pink, Pale pink, Baby pink, Spanish pink, Cameo pink, Orchid pink, Fairy Tale, Cherry blossom pink, Light hot pink, Lavender pink, Cotton candy, Carnation pink, Baker-Miller pink, Tickle me pink, Amaranth pink, Charm pink, China pink, Mimi Pink, Tango pink, Congo pink, Coral pink, Pastel pink, New York pink, Solid pink, Silver pink, Queen pink, Pink lavender, Mountbatten pink, Chilean Pink, Pale Dogwood, Mexican pink, Barbie pink, Fandango pink, Paradise pink, Brink pink, French pink, Bright pink, Persian pink, Rose pink, Light deep pink, Ultra pink, Shocking pink, Super pink, Rose Pompadour, Steel pink

Identifying glass is half the skill but the exact colour when there are so many shades that’s another matter. If you recognise a particular shade please let us know.

Use our colour picker for shades of other colours

Can you finish the following quote?

Pretty in _ _ _ _

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