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Wilburs Art Glass Shop **OPEN**

Wilbur T Penguin

About our collectable art glass
Here at Wilbur’s we sell colourful and collectable art glass. We stock beautiful glass items from around the world. Italian glass from Murano, Czech & Bohemian glass, glass from Scandinavia and more. If you are looking for vintage, mid-century modern, collectable or colourful glass then wilbur’s is the place to find it.

As an avid collector of glass the idea for Wilburs art glass shop started a few years ago . It became a project for when I have some spare time!! Then came COVID19, and everything changed. With the travel industry closed I had a full time Job and no work, possibly for several months. So the Idea was to use that time to launch “Wilbur’s art glass shop” .

If you are looking for things of beauty to brighten up your home or office then stay a while, look around, we have a growing selection of art glass vases, bowls, sculptures and even a glass animal or two in every shape, size and colour. New items daily!

Here at Wilbur’s we sell Art Glass. Vintage, colourful and collectable art glass so look around maybe that next special gift for yourself or someone you love.

Hope you enjoy looking